Water Heaters in Manassas, VA

Less than 100 years ago, most homes in American didn’t have hot running water. Once plumbing, gas, electricity, and the technology to heat water and keep it warm went mainstream, though, that quickly changed. Today, most of us take our ready supply of hot water for granted. We don’t even realize just how much we’ve come to rely on it throughout the day. Of course, nothing quite reminds us of the extent to which we depend on our hot water quite like a water heater malfunction. When there’s an interruption in your supply of hot water, you need the problem to be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your Trusted Local Water Heater Experts

At Trivett Mechanical, Inc., we’re here to make sure water heater troubles don’t disrupt your daily life. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in our field, and we have the training and qualifications to provide the full range of Water Heater Services. From fast service to affordable pricing, we cover all your needs. If your water heater isn’t living up to your expectations or has failed altogether, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

Looking at Common Water Heater Issues

Traditional water heaters work by drawing in water through your home’s pipes, storing it, and keeping it warm until you need it. Newer tankless water heaters actually heat the water as it flows through them. All types of water heaters consist of numerous parts and electrical or gas-powered components. That means a long list of issues can arise over time. Take a look at some of the problems you might face at some point.

    • Water Heater Leaks. Leaks are among the most common water heater issues, and they can come from numerous sources. In some cases, they’re caused by loose connections in the pipes running to or from the water heater. Other times, they might be the result of a broken temperature and pressure relief valve or excessive water pressure coming through the pipes. They can also be caused by cracks or holes in the storage tank or improperly installed heating elements. Either way, those leaks can send your water bill through the roof and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage if they’re not taken care of properly. That damage may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance, either.
    • Little or No Hot Water. You may also find that your water heater no longer makes as much hot water as you need or stops heating water altogether. This could stem from several problems, such as faulty heating elements, wiring problems, and malfunctioning thermostats. Having too little hot water could also be an indication that your needs exceed the capacity of the water heater. Water heater repairs, such as replacing a malfunctioning thermostat with a new one like those available from White-Rodgers or installing new heating elements may solve the problem. On the other hand, replacing the water heater with a larger one or an inline model may be a more effective alternative.
    • Water Discoloration. Having discolored water coming from the water heater is also a common problem among homeowners. Again, this can be a sign of several problems. It’s often caused by corrosion in the water heater’s holding tank. It may also come from the pipes that direct water from the heater to the faucets. If the water coming from your water heater has a red or brownish tint or contains brown or black granules, the water heater may need to be flushed or replaced.

It’s also important to mention that older water heaters can cause extensive problems. They lose efficiency over time, and typical wear and tear on their components can lead to increasingly frequent malfunctions. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new, more efficient model. You could even take this opportunity to upgrade to a tankless water heater or one with a larger storage capacity than the existing unit.

Keeping Your Water Heater Up and Running

At Trivett Mechanical, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing expert water heater and HVAC services. We’re committed to ensuring our neighbors in and around Manassas are comfortable and secure in their homes. Our team is proud to serve all those in our community.

Water heaters help improve cleanliness and make life much more comfortable and convenient. If your water heater isn’t meeting your needs, call us or contact us using the form on our website to set up a service appointment. From water heater installation and routine maintenance to emergency water heater repairs, we can help.