Furnace Installation and Repair in Manassas, VA

Malfunctioning furnaces can cause homeowners some serious headaches, especially when they break down unexpectedly in the dead of winter. The problem is, most homeowners don’t give much thought to their heating systems until something goes wrong. Instead of waiting until the unit is experiencing a catastrophic failure, experts recommend that homeowners schedule annual inspections and professional maintenance, repairs, and replacements during the off-season.

Furnace Diagnostics and Repairs

The first step towards resolving any problem with the home’s heating system is to schedule an inspection with a qualified contractor. During this inspection, the contractor will evaluate the equipment, diagnose the underlying problem, and provide a comprehensive estimate for the proposed Furnace Repair. Some repairs can be performed the same day, while others require ordering parts and scheduling a second visit.

Common Furnace Problems

While homeowners are always better off working with a trained professional to get an accurate diagnosis, it can help to have some idea of what’s wrong. Furnace issues range from minor to catastrophic, and this list of common problems spans the spectrum:

    • Clogged filters

    • Inaccurate thermostat readings

    • Ignition problems

    • Deterioration of key parts

    • Constant cycling

    • Loose or detached components

    • Frequent resets

    • Noticeable inefficiency

Determining the exact cause of any particular symptom requires specialized knowledge, experience, and tools. Homeowners should relay any of the observations they’ve made about their furnaces’ normal and recent operations to their heating contractors.

Furnace Replacements

The longer homeowners put off getting necessary repairs, the more likely it is that their furnaces will suffer catastrophic or repeated failures. When this happens, the best solution may not be expensive repairs. If the heating contractor notices costly or extensive damage, he or she may recommend a new Furnace Installation instead.

When to Replace a Furnace

One of the benefits of working with reputable Heating Services is that the contractors sent out to perform inspections will always offer reliable advice. That said, furnace replacements aren’t cheap, so most homeowners take the decision to repair vs. replace a furnace very seriously. Here are a few of the circumstances in which it makes more sense to replace a furnace instead of repairing the problem:

    • The cost of making repairs will be more than half the cost of a new unit.

    • The furnace is old and has not been well-maintained.

    • Residents are complaining about not being warm enough, even when the furnace is working as intended.

    • It isn’t the first time the furnace has broken down this year.

    • There’s no way to repair the problem to keep the furnace running.

For homeowners on a strict budget, replacing the furnace may seem like an unwelcome expense. However, the lifetime cost of installing a new furnace is often lower than that of repairing an old, inefficient, or poorly maintained unit. Some heating and cooling services also offer to finance for qualified customers, so don’t be afraid to ask.

How to Choose the Best Replacement Furnace

There’s no one furnace model that’s best for every home, so homeowners need to decide for themselves what they prioritize. The first step is to set a budget, keeping in mind that low-cost furnaces also tend to be less energy-efficient and the trade-off for a low initial investment is often higher monthly bills.

Homeowners on a budget are also better off sticking with models that use the same kind of fuel. Installing new gas or propane lines requires paying additional material and labor costs. Avoiding those unnecessary expenses can give homeowners more money to invest in an energy-efficient furnace. Of course, every situation is different. If the price of home heating oil is on the rise when the unit goes out, it may make more sense to replace it with a natural gas model, or even a split system.

Home heating contractors know the ins and outs of different brands, models, and furnace types, so they’re a valuable resource. Even if homeowners don’t want to go with the first model suggested by the contractor, they can ask questions, learn about what features to look for, and do additional research on their own before making a final decision. A good heating company will be able to install, repair, and maintain just about any brand and model of furnace.

Trust the Best in Home Heating

Manassas homeowners and their families don’t deserve to get left out in the cold. They can trust Trivett Mechanical, Inc. to provide all the furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services needed to ensure a comfortable temperature even in the coldest months of winter. Visit the website to learn more about the company or call (703) 335-5407 to schedule a visit.